The living are soooo annoying.  Why can't they just let us rest?  It's time to teach them a lesson.


POLTER-DICEDTM is a push-your-luck dice game where you play an entity trying to scare intruders out of your haunted house.   Maybe you're a ghost, or a spirit, or an apparition,   or even a polter-diced...err...poltergeist.  Using special ethereal abilities, roll “PsyKE” dice to challange each intruder’s courage.  Lure intruders into eerie rooms, lock the doors, and move objects around.  Give them your best scare, and roll more dice if you like.  However, if you “PsyKE them out” too much, you might “scare them to death” instead.  You don't want that--you're already sharing this house other ghosts.  Maybe it’s better to leave some of ectoplasmic residue around the house for future use.   Ewww….Gross! 

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